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Benefits of Finding a Top Breast Reduction Surgeon

If you have heavy, sagging breasts, breast reduction surgery will not only improve your appearance but also do wonders for your heath.
Oversized breasts – a medical condition called macromastia – are associated with a long list of symptoms, including continuous pain. This intense discomfort is typically felt in the neck, shoulders and back, brought about by the effects of gravity on the skeletal system.
Almost all women who go to breast reduction surgeons in Sydney do so to put an end to the misery of constant pain. Besides discomfort, large breasts can also result in problems that further damage your quality of life. These issues include:

• Bra straps digging into your shoulders.
• Skin irritations
• Discomfort when moving.
• Trouble sleeping.
• Restrictions on ability to exercise.
• Difficulties finding clothes that fit.
• Embarrassment from the unwanted attention large breasts may attract.

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The best plastic surgeons for breast reduction can fix all these problems with reduction mammoplasty techniques with long-lasting results. Treatment plans devised by the best breast reduction surgeons will work most effectively for each patient’s body to produce the best results.

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Techniques Used by the Best Plastic Surgeons for Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery entails incisions to facilitate removal of excess fat, skin and other tissue and reshaping the breasts.

Techniques used by the best breast reduction surgeons include:
• Keyhole incision. Also known as an anchor incision, keyhole incisions are made beneath the areola and down the centre of the breast. A longer, third incision is made along the inframammary crease – where the breast meets the chest wall.
• Lollipop incision. The lollipop technique (LeJour incision) is used to remove a doughnut-shaped section of tissue. A straight incision is also made down to the breast crease to provide more lift.

Results of breast reduction surgery are typically long-lasting, and patient satisfaction levels are high. Many women who have the procedure later in life say their only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner.

Another breast reduction technique involves a periareolar incision – around the areola – but many surgeons consider that other reduction mammoplasty methods produce better results with less risk to tissue integrity and nipple function and sensation.
Breast reduction surgery is performed with general anaesthesia and generally takes two to three hours, depending on the size of the breasts, type of incisions, and the experience and expertise of the surgeon.
Top breast reduction specialists – including breast reduction surgeons in Sydney – always aim to leave as little scarring as possible after the procedure

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Breast Reduction Scars

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All surgical procedures, including breast reduction, leave scars. However, the best plastic surgeons for breast reduction are extremely careful about incisions, so scars usually fade over time.
Accomplished, experienced surgeons like breast reduction surgeons in Sydney will ensure incisions are as small as possible, in the best place, and will heal well.
Scarring will vary depending on what you want to achieve from your breast reduction. If you wish to go down by one cup size, scarring will be less than if you want a greater reduction.

Questions to Ask Your Reduction Mammoplasty Surgeon

The best breast reduction surgeons will always be happy to answer questions like:

• Where will the scars be?
• How many scars will there be?
• How big will the scars be?
• What will the scars look like?

Factors That Affect Scarring

Scars from breast reduction surgery vary from patient to patient, but generally appear red and raised for several months, gradually fading into white lines.
Scarring can be affected by several factors including:
• Skin tone and elasticity.
• Your age.
• Genetics.

Minimising Scars

Steps you can take immediately after surgery to help minimise breast reduction scars include:
• Avoiding strenuous activity.
• Not putting pressure on the stitches.
• Taking any medication as instructed.
• Avoiding alcohol, which can dehydrate the body.
• Drinking plenty of water and eating protein-rich food to help the healing process.

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Advantages of Reduction Mammoplasty

The best plastic surgeons for breast reduction ensure optimum results to eliminate physical pain and concerns over social discomfort.

The multiple benefits you can expect from the best breast reduction surgeon include:
• Rounder, firmer breasts that look more natural.
• Alleviation of chafing and/or heavy sweating around or under your breasts.
• Improved appearance of elongated nipples caused by sagging breast skin
• Easing of neck, back and shoulder pain.
• Better posture.
• Greater clothing options.
• Easier movement.
• Increased ability to exercise.

Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

Only specialists such as breast reduction surgeons in Sydney can definitively tell you whether the procedure is right for you.

Nevertheless, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to give you a general idea of whether you would benefit from breast reduction surgery:
• Are you struggling with large, heavy breasts?
• Are your nipples overstretched or enlarged?
• Is the weight of your breasts causing upper body pain and posture problems?
• Do your breasts embarrass you?
• Do your breasts make exercising difficult?
If the answer to some or all of these questions is yes, you’re probably a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

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Breast Reduction Surgeons Who Transform Women’s Lives

Breast reduction surgery is complex and demands a high level of expertise to ensure a symmetrical, proportionate, natural-looking outcome. And changing the appearance of your breasts and figure is a serious, personal decision that will change how the world sees you and how you see the world.

All this makes it crucial to find one of the best plastic surgeons for breast reduction. For instance, top breast reduction surgeons in Sydney consistently achieve results that delight their patients. Here at Dr Mark Kohout’s cosmetic breast surgery clinic in Sydney, patients who’ve had a breast reduction typically say it was the best thing they’ve ever done in their life.

Bear in mind, though, it’s important to have realistic expectations of what reduction mammoplasty can achieve. Breasts can tend to droop with time and may increase in size if you gain weight after your breast reduction procedure. That said, the vast majority of women who’ve had breast reduction surgery report it’s been a life-changing experience.

Women from all walks of life have benefited from breast reduction surgery, including celebrities such as American actress Ariel Winter, US model and TV presenter Amber Rose, and Aussie comedian Tanya Hennessy, who used her I’m A Celebrity money to finance her procedure.