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Facial Implants

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Facial implants provide another avenue for patients to obtain the specific look they’re after. Most parts of the face can be cosmetically enhanced by implants. Young people often seek facial enhancement to add definition and character to their face, whilst mature individuals may combine implants with other facial surgery to achieve a youthful appearance.

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We use Medpor implants almost exclusively for chin augmentation because they fix firmly to the underlying bone. This makes the implant virtually indistinguishable from your own bone. Chin implants are popular with men who want to achieve a stronger, more masculine look, while women usually opt for this type of surgery to balance their facial features.


Dr. Kohout uses nasal implants to improve the definition and height of the nasal bridge. Implants give more height to a nose that appears flat or sunken. This procedure is particularly popular with patients of Asian descent, who occasionally seek more definition in the bridge of the nose.


Cheek implants, which are placed over the cheekbone, are a popular procedure. Perhaps more than any other, these implants produce subtle, yet striking changes to facial appearance. These implants are used to produce high cheekbones that add definition, strength and character to the face.

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