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In light of TGA’s announcement, considering withdrawing certain textured implants from sale and distribution in Australia, Dr. Kohout has changed his practice to use smooth or nanotextured implants in all operations requiring implants.

Breast Surgery in Sydney with Dr. Mark Kohout

Ifyou’re thinking about getting breast surgery in Sydney, the heavy terminology and technical language can be a lot to wrap your head around. Typically, there are six types of procedures concerned with breast surgery, which we’ve outlined below.


Otherwise known as breast augmentation, enlargement or enhancements, implants are used to add definition too chests that have experienced shrinking or lack of growth. Additionally, breast surgery can assist with providing the area with a more firm feel and increase the cup size.

Lift surgery/mastopexy

It’s not uncommon that breasts can undergo sagging and drooping, especially as women go through different periods of their lives. This form of breast surgery repositions the chest and improves firmness. This enhancement procedure is recommended by our surgeon in Sydney for those who desire more volume and shape.


Being weighed down by breasts that are heavy can result in severe back and neck pain, not to mention making the patient feel self-conscious. This surgery reduces the size and helps to bring around relief from these symptoms. It should be noted that this procedure is for both women and men.

Nipple correction and reduction

For those that have inverted nipples, it can be an embarrassing matter to confront. Our Sydney surgeon utilises careful techniques to correct the area, resulting in minimal scarring. In some cases, nipples are minimised to reduce their size.

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