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If you are feeling self conscious or embarrassed about large nipples, nipple reduction surgery will reduce the size of your nipples, making them look natural and more youthful.

Enlarged nipples can occur after breastfeeding, or may simply be the result of genetics. Patients may feel self-conscious about the size, or find that large nipples cause issues with wearing certain swimsuits, tops or dresses.

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Nipple reduction is a simple procedure that leaves little to no visible scarring. It reduces the size of the nipple and leaves it looking natural and youthful. It can be performed on its own, or alongside a breast lift or augmentation. The procedure takes about twenty minutes using keyhole surgery, allowing for fast recovery and minimal scarring.

During your consultation, Dr. Mark Kohout will discuss any future plans you may have regarding pregnancy or breastfeeding, and the effects this could have on your results.

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