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Facelift Surgery and Neck lift

Many patients visit us, concerned about their facial aging. This aging can be caused by gravity that causes the facial tissue to descend or sun damage. The most obvious effects are deepening folds between the cheek and lip, formation of jowls along the jawline, loosening of neck skin, and a double chin. On the other hand, sun damage can manifest as fine wrinkling, patchy pigmentation, scaling and prominent capillaries.


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Concerns regarding sun-damage can be treated with laser therapy or peel treatments, but facelift is the optimal procedure to correct concerns caused by gravity and age.

Through a barely noticeable incision in front of and behind the ear, the deeper tissue of the cheek and neck can be repositioned into a more natural, youthful configuration. The cheek folds are smoothed out, the jowls lifted, and loose neck skin trimmed, to recreate a pleasing natural neck-chin angle and the smooth sweep of a youthful jawline.

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