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The thickness of the upper arm is a source of insecurity for many people. If it is out of proportion with the rest of the body, it can lead to self-consciousness, particularly when wearing short-sleeved shirts or singlets. Many patients find themselves not wishing to show their arms at all. Additionally, excess skin in this region can be uncomfortable or painful when trying to find clothes.

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Commonly, the upper arm skin sags and loosens with age. Patients wish to turn back the clock by removing some of the excess skin. This is also typical of individuals who have lost large amounts of weight, and feel similarly affected by the remaining excess skin. In some cases plastic surgeon Sydney noticed that the patient has firm skin with minimal looseness, but they still find themselves concerned that their arms are out of proportion due to excess tissue.

Brachioplasty is a simple plastic surgery that can involve the removal of excess skin or liposuction, depending on the patient. It creates thinner arms, greater bodily proportion, and returns firm, youthful skin. The incisions are usually hidden in the armpit crease and will be virtually invisible within a short period. In cases of extreme weight loss, the incision may have to extend from the inside of the arm to the elbow, creating a thin, hairline scar. This procedure is very reliable and produces excellent results, allowing patients to show their arms with confidence and alleviate insecurities.

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