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Male Breast Surgery

Male Breast Surgery

Gynaecomastia Surgery for the Reduction of Man Boobs

Gynaecomastia is a common condition caused by a glandular enlargement of the breast. Most people don’t realise that it actually affects around 40-60% of the male population.
The condition usually appears as a flat deposit of glandular tissue behind the nipple that becomes tender at the same time. It may affect one or both breasts.


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What is gynecomastia?

Many men with gynaecomastia experience self-confidence issues when exercising, choosing clothes or appearing shirtless. Patients that feel insecure about their appearance may benefit from male breast-reduction surgery. The procedure involves reduction of the breast tissue by excision of glandular tissue and/or fat removal by liposuction. In some cases, excess skin is also removed, resulting in a chest that is flatter, firmer and better contoured. The scar can usually be hidden along the border of the nipple.

Is male breast reduction right for me?

Surgery to correct gynaecomastia can be performed on healthy, emotionally stable men of any age. You may be a good candidate for male breast reduction if:

  • You have firm, elastic skin that will reshape to the bodies new contours
  • You have previously attempted to correct the problem with exercise or weight loss.
  • You do not smoke marijuana or drink alcohol in excess, as these drugs may be causes of gynaecomastia

We understand that a male breast reduction surgery can be a sensitive procedure to discuss openly. By meeting with you one-on-one for a personal consultation, we’ll ensure you are comfortable about the procedure, and will endeavour to provide you with exceptional support. Please be reassured that all the staff at our Sydney clinic will treat your enquiry with absolute discretion. In your consultation, Dr Kohout will check for causes of gynaecomastia such as impaired liver function, use of oestrogen-containing medications or anabolic steroids. Smokers will be asked to stop smoking 3 weeks prior to surgery. Aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs can cause increased bleeding, so you should avoid taking these medications 2 weeks before surgery.

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